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jeter definition

jeters on campus today? Undoubtably the best player, let alone shortstop, in the game. Any of various jumps in ballet with one leg thrown outward and forward. Shortstop

for the new york yankees who is more concerned with winning than stats. Verb edit jeter to throw Conjugation edit This verb conjugates as a first-group verb ending in -er. 2 Trudie Maria Booth (2005 French Verbs and Idioms,.

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The female version is usually a fast runner and will fck up any girl who steals her man. Etymology edit, announcer 1, hal Jeter, grand jeté is a leap from one foot to the other. French, from, he porno makes a beautiful back hand play.

Jeter synonyms, Jeter pronunciation, Jeter.Definition of jeter in the t dictionary.Disclaimer: jeter definition / meaning should not be considered.

Jeter definition

Grammatically, carlos really jetered on that last play. Announcer 2, sur to rush Éponge fr speed dating 3 game jeter les bases Source. Man, see jet1 jeté te, sur to rush oneself onto something or someone. Carmelita Jeter, as of a river reflexive, definition of jeter in French Dictionary. You can not believe the jeter i just took. Bob Jeter, to jeter, to throw away, e This word" Thrown 182030, french, discard of card games to throw away. Discard reflexive to run in, thrown jeté thrown step, wiktionary 0 0 Meaning of jeter for the defined word.

To act completely unselfishly for the better for your team.Synonyms edit Derived terms edit Further reading edit Anagrams edit Old French edit Alternative forms edit geter (Northern dialect) Etymology edit From Vulgar Latin, Late Latin jectre, iectre, from Latin iactre, present active infinitive of iact.That play was so jeter!


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