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oral cancer michael douglas

cancer. His remarks were quickly questioned by Dr Michael Brady, medical director of sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust, who said while oral sex could have contributed

to the cancer, it was very difficult to pinpoint a single cause. Douglas says that the doctor told him if they had to do surgery for tongue cancer, "it's not going to be pretty. Douglas is not the first celebrity to misidentify the kind of cancer they have. In the past, doctors often operated to remove the larynx, forcing patients to learn new ways to talk, such as through an opening in the throat or with an electrolarynx. Nine months later, after talking to a friend who was a cancer survivor, he went to the oncology department where a doctor did an initial exam and then a biopsy. Although most mouth and throat cancers are normally blamed on drinking and smoking an increasing number of cases that occur around the tonsils and back of the tongue are due to HPV. Michael Douglas never had throat cancer, as he told the press in 2010. It can be passed on between straight and same-sex partnerseven when the infected person has no signs or symptoms. Men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer as women. Nightly News, released few details about his tumor, including its exact location, it sounds like of two kinds of tumors: the larynx, or voice box; or the oropharynx, near the tonsils, Robert Haddad, acting head of the head and neck cancer program at Bostons Dana-Farber. "This is no surprise to anybody who studies infectious diseases said. You can learn more about the disease in the. The risk is so low, he said, that he does not believe people should worry or change their sexual practices. Actor Michael Douglas shocked TV audiences across the country when he announced on the. Men are advised to check their neck for lumps when shaving and both sexes to look at the back of their throat while brushing their teeth. The story said she had little time left to live and was suffering from terminal brain cancer. Professor Stanley explained: 'Obviously cervical cancer is the big one but in Europe and the United States and Australia, places that have got cervical cancer screening programmes, cervical cancer is very well controlled.

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Allen Burry, if a woman has HPV, please let us know. Who is 40 now, were both trying to google quit their halfpack a day cigarette habit. Douglasapos, pro and one of the main ones. Declined to comment, t clear, when we tried to find out more about the diagnosis or about Douglas history of smoking.

There are two distinct pathways by which most people come to oral cancer.One is through the use of tobacco and alcohol, and the other is through exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16 a newly identified etiology, and the same virus which is responsible for the vast majority of cervical cancers in women.

michael S been a while since your last appointment. Kraus agreed that both boys and girls should be vaccinated against HPV. Although the treatment also often leaves patients with a hoarse voice. Through a hole in the abdomen.

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Last year, Professor Margaret Stanley of Cambridge University said boys must be given the vaccine for HPV as well as girls.As Douglas states in a PSA he made with the foundation, the fastest growing segment of the people developing oral cancers are young, non smokers.


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